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Suggested reading  

Introductory literature for spiritual exercises and meditations by the founder of Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner

  • „The Philosophy of Freedom“ - GA 4
  • „Theosophy“ - GA 9
  • „Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment“ - GA 10
  • „The stages of higher knowledge“ - GA 12
  • „An Outline of Occult Science“ - GA13

Further reading can be found through the Rudolf Steiner Verlag in Dornach, Switzerland


Introduction to the spiritual teachings and exercises of Stylianos Atteshlis, known as „Daskalos“, the great Cypriot Christian healer

  • „The Esoteric Practice“ – Christian meditations and exercises
  • „Esoteric Teachings“

further reading:

  • „Gates to the light“ - Daskalos' meditations published by Daskalos' daughter Theotoki-Atteshlis

Biography of the life and deeds of Daskalos:

  • „The Magus of Strovolos“ - by Kyriakos Markides

available soon:

  • „Daskalos – Meister der heilenden Liebe - aus seinem Leben und Wirken“
    by Wolfgang Findeisen

Publications of Daskalos (in German) can be obtained through:

Opal Verlag K.F.Hörner
Postfach 431103
D – 86071 Augsburg